Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WTFWiki 1: EATR Robot

With this post onward my blog will be taking a new direction..  So here we go:

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the WTF Wikipedia?? blog!

Many late nights filled with sleep deprivation and Wikipedia browsing have led me to personally hand pick the most "WTF?" inducing Wikipedia pages.  Updates will be regular to satisfy all your obscure knowledge needs.

We start today with a most interesting page about robots.. fuck yeah!

Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot

From Wikipedia:

"The Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) is a project by Robotic Technology Inc. (RTI) and Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. to develop a robotic vehicle that could forage for plant biomass to fuel itself, theoretically operating indefinitely. It is being developed as a concept as part of the DARPA military projects for the United States military. The project elicited some internet and media rumors after news circulated that the robot would (or at least could) ingest human remains. Cyclone Power Technologies have stated that animal or human biomass was not intended to be used in the waste heat combustion engine of the robot, and that sensors would be able to distinguish foraged materials although the project overview from RTI lists other sources including chicken fat."
"Oh fuck..."

Ahh yes.. our good friends at DARPA --  the mad scientists who invented the Internet!  Not satisfied with delivering massive quantities of porn to the average household or making cyborg bees, DARPA is working on a robot that can eat people and theoretically operate "indefinitely."  Let me know when Skynet awakens, I'll be in my bunker far underground working on human resistance plans.



  1. i for one welcome our new robot overlords

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  3. Ho looks perfect and fun. THanks mate I'll follow.